In the sexual arena of the BD/SM lifestyle, there’s much more that goes into it then a simple staged scene or mechanical act.  I’m talking about something more meaningful, “Male bonding at its deepest levels.” The type of bonding that carries the values and traditions of the past. These are life changing experiences that bring men closer and make them stronger.  It promotes a deeper life experience for those who march to the beat of a different drummer.

This book offers you a new view on where our culture is heading and to offer a map so you can enjoy the journey as you go. It not only appeals to the seasoned players but to the new comers as well. The information is presented in a simple format and some stories have been added to make the reading more interesting.

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Article from April 24th edition of the Bay Area Reporter

Who's your Daddy?

"My Mentor My Guide: A Handbook for Daddies and Boys for the New Generation" is a refreshingly honest, straightforward, articulate look into an often misunderstood and under-represented community. Mr. Bannon's explanation and exploration of this way of life approaches the subject with the care and expertise it so deserves. Packed with entertaining and illuminating real-life stories, personal experiences, and insights this book will appeal to experienced BD/SM lifestylers and novices alike. More than a simple "how to"  handbook, My Mentor My Guide is truly a labor of love from a notable author committed to sharing his passion and spreading the truth about a remarkable lifestyle."

Reviewed by: Seth Cotterell
A Different Light Books, San Francisco, CA,


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