Blade T Bannon was originally born and raised on the east coast but entered the Leather, BD/SM community in the early 80’s while coming out in Los Angeles.  He then moved to Austin, TX where he continued his journey. He later moved to Phoenix, AZ were he settled for 17 years. It was here that he involved himself in the local and national leather events. He’s held multiple titles as a representative for the Leather BD/SM Community. Some of these titles include Bum Steer Drummer boy 1991, Mr.

Charlie’s Leather 1993 and Southwest Mr. Drummer 1993.  At the time this book was published he was currently holding the title of Mr. Arizona Leather Sir 2008.

Blade has devoted much of his time to the community in different ways.  He’s held many leadership rolls which include the offices of Secretary, Vic-President and President of the Universal Brotherhood of the Leatherlords. He’s volunteered his time and/or money to many charity organizations.  Some of which include: Volunteers in Direct Aid (VIDA) , Logan’s Play Ground, Homeward Bound, Community Youth Center PHX, Meals on Wheels, Body Positive, MS150, Sister’s of Perpetual Indulgence and much more.

Being an airline employee of many years, Blade has traveled to many places around the world. He’s enjoyed drinking in the local leather, BD/SM, fetish culture in many of these places and experienced some unique cultural diversity as well. 

Blade now spends most of his time in San Francisco with his partner and life mate. However, he still holds residence in Phoenix and returns on a regular bases.  When he’s not traveling, he still actively Mentors young men and devotes any extra time he may have to the community at large.